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- Q&A -

Sun-Land Tattoo

Tucson, AZ

4 years tattooing

American Traditional

CTA: Did you Grow up or were you surrounded by people with any artistic background ?

Ludo: I had a few folks around me growing up that were artistically inclined, everything from draftsman to illustrators. I was always supported in my pursuit of art, although it did take a bit more convincing when I started tattooing.

CTA: How did you get into tattooing?

Ludo: I moved to California for college to study painting and theology. I was doing design work for bands and saw a lot of great tattoo art in that field. Met a lot of great people, fell in love with the craft and the history. I decided to start looking for an apprenticeship shortly thereafter.

CTA: Did you have any favorite Artists that you look at for inspiration / influence?


CTA: Did you grow up in a Christian Home(Family Grandparents etc) ,have any Christian Influences growing up?

Ludo: I was raised Presbyterian, had a strong Christian family and still do. As with many young folks who go to college I fell away from my faith and my values for a time. It was my mentor Aaron Madrigal who not only taught me how to tattoo but also helped bring me back to God.

CTA: Any last words of encouragement for anyone who might be reading this?

Ludo: I have been able to have so many positive interactions and conversations with clients, and coworkers throughout my career. In a field that does also attract a lot of folks who think opposite to me I do find that sometimes the best way to interact is to simply live a life that shows Gods love.

Grace and patience.

If you looking to get a tattoo and in the Tucson AZ area please reach out to Ludo and support him. You can find more info about him on instagram @Ludo_the_Outlaw.

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