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Christian Tattoo Artists Jessi Lee

Reckon Tattoo

Chandler, Arizona.

12 years tattooing

Tattoo Style: My primary style of tattooing is Black and Grey Realism and Fine Line, but I also enjoy doing any other style of artwork.

CTA: Go to music when you are

tattooing someone ?

Ray : I enjoy all sorts of music. I usually try to listen to things I

wouldn’t normally listen too to try to keep things fresh. I also listen to a lot of podcasts so I can learn a few things while I am tattooing. My favorite podcasts are: Blurry Creatures, Jordan Peterson, Jocko, and Joe Rogan.

CTA: How did you get into tattooing?

Ray:  I was inspired to do art from a young age by watching cartoons from the 80s such as The Thundercats, Ninja Turtles, and Dragon Ball Z. As time went by and I was studying art in college one of my friends encourage me to look into tattooing, so one day I decided to attend a tattoo expo, and I fell in love with the industry. From there its all history.

CTA: Did you have any Artists or people who influenced you that you would like to share, shout out?

Ray : Yes, definitely. First there were two major tattoo artist that inspired me a lot when I was looking to get started: Mike Giant and Mister Cartoon. I loved their very interesting and particular unique styles in their respective niches. Once I started tattooing I started looking up to other tattooers like Tim Hendricks and Jose Lopez, since they had amazing skills at doing black and grey OG style. Also I would like to thank Lorenzo “Silent” Moran, a good friend and fellow artist who challenged, helped, and encouraged me a lot in my first years of tattooing.

CTA: Share your Testimony...

Ray : First of all, God opened the door for the first shop I worked for. I know this by fact because at the beginning of my career I knocked every single door and rang every single bell in the tattoo industry in order to get an apprenticeship, but nothing worked. After a few months I just started to tattoo on my own and then looking for a chair as an artist in hopes to be able to learn from the other artists how to tattoo properly. After a while of doing this no door was open. At this point of my life many difficulties piled up at the same time leaving me with no option. Then is why I remember praying to God, “Hey God I want to be a tattoo artist, but your will be done, not mine” and the next day a shop owner texted me and wanted me see how I tattooed in his shop. Unfortunately I forgot all about God once I started tattooing professionally. A few months later when I was at one of the lowest points of my life, partying and drugs I met my wife. She told me I was crazy and I needed to go to church, so I went since I knew I needed something to fill the void I had in my life. Then once the pastor opened the scriptures and started teaching about Jesus I knew that was what I needed. Ever since I been trying to follow His teachings and seeking a deeper relationship with God.

CTA: Briefly write about a time where you were able to share your faith , pray or encourage someone during a tattoo?

Ray : All the time, we as tattooers are blessed to have peoples attentions for hours on end. The important thing is to really care about people and get to know them. Truly be interested on them and what they’re going through. The ability to pour the word of God in their lives happens automatically when we allow ourselves to love and care about others rather than just talking and trying to get our point across. Like the Bible says: “Be quick to listen and slow to speak.” In other words, shut up and love people.

CTA: Any last words of encouragement , favorite verses you would like to share?

Ray :

“To the Jews I became a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law....I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some” 1 Corinthians 9:20-22.

What this scripture tells me, is that my identity is not being a tattoo artist as some people may think. My identity is something which I cannot lose. I believe the reason God gave me this talent and the ability to tattoo is to be able to speak the truth to those in need in this industry and those who do business with it. Being a tattooer is not who I am , but the vehicle that God uses to share His word. We are not tattooers, but sons of God, for those who have faith and confess Christ Jesus as Lord.


If your Looking to support Ray and book a tattoo session with him you can reach out to him here - @Rayangulotattoo or we have Collabed with Ray and CXXII Apparel as a part of there

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